Food. Again 🙂 When I am abroad I try never to eat in the central square of the city or town. Why? We all know that usually this is not the best decision 🙂 We call this “tourist places” and usually they are not bests for sure.
However, few weeks ago I visited Lugano for few hours. Where to have lunch? I took a role of a real tourist – central square. Place? The one which looked the most cozy. The name seen in Monte Carlo – Sass cafe. Already worth being trusted 🙂

Nice menu, busy, very cozy inside and comfortable outside. Really best choice out of all those in the square (from first view). What was tried? Cold tomato soup with burrata cheese and prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella. Espresso in the end. Did I like that? Enjoyed 🙂
And u know what is big plus of sitting outside in the restaurant at the central square? People you can see and meet 🙂 For example someone who wants to be Elvis Presley of 21st century 🙂

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