Firstly, Happy New Year! Be active, dream, set big goals and reach all of them! 😉 And don’t forget to smile and enjoy the life you live every single day 😉

I was gone for few weeks and now coming back with a post about my last long trip in 2018. Me and my friend, European champion Ruta Brazdzionyte decided to spend last days before Christmas in Thailand. This was planned just few days in advance and all of us know that such plans are usually the best ones 🙂 Don’t worry, I will not tell you the long story about our impressions and places that we visited. I will just tell you few words about our Muay Thai experience in Thailand.

Yes, when two karatekas come to Thailand the main goal is to visit few Muay Thai camps. Those who are from combat sports understand us 🙂 We stayed in Krabi, visited Bull Muay Thai gym there but the idea of the trip from Krabi to Phuket was Tiger Muay Thai training camp and the workout there. Impressions? This is the place we were excited about. Sounds funny when two girls say that 🙂 However, trust me, it’s true. Both of us would like to come back and spend even a week there. Amazing facilities, huge territory, best trainings, professional coaches. And the most important thing – Atmosphere. Can’t find words to explain it 🙂 Now I understand why people go to Thailand for few weeks or many months and spend every single day in the camp 🙂 Yes, worth going 100% 😉

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