May 11-12th are the big days in European kyokushin life. The biggest event this year is happening just in few days! I am lucky to be there. Lucky in a different way 🙂 No adrenaline about upcoming fights, no crazy preparation, no weight loss 😀 But lots of excitement about the event, fights and meeting all my karate friends!

Lithuania is having a full team as always. And yes, a strong team as always 🙂 President of honor of Lithuanian kyokushin karate federation said 7 years ago in our press conference before European championship “It is really a phenomenon – we have very strong and very beautiful women fighters” and I think nothing changed 😀 We still have a powerful and beautiful women team 🙂 Go, girls! 🙂

Men? Strong team for sure as well. Well, Vytautas Cepla and Edgard Secinski are not competing this time, they are almost on their way to Japan. Lukas Kubilius, Valdemaras Gudauskas, Andrius Miseckas are not taking part this time as well. However, we have such fighters as Eventas Guzauskas, Antanas Klibavicius, Justinas Kvietka, Domas Sutkus and many younger motivated guys 🙂 We will see what happens! While we have such names as Valeri Dimitrov, Salahat Hasanov, Brian Jacobsen and many others – will be interesting 🙂

There was one thing that I did just after registration finished – checked the list of fighters in -55kg category. A habbit I guess 🙂 And what I saw? Girls, where are you?! Almost all podium is gone 😀 Zsofia Szabo, Isis Pinilla, Diana Maciute.. Alona Veresniak changed category to the lighter one. Just Veronika Nemeth, who won 2nd place last year is competing this time. So new names, new faces, new winners. Excited to see who will reach highest steps on podium this time!

So see you soon! 🙂


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