Time to time I get questions about belts in karate. How we get them, are we awarded with higher grade belt for results in competitions, how grading exams look like and similar questions 🙂

I can explain the system for hours. I guess better not to do that 🙂 Main points? Firstly, no, normally we don’t get higher grade belt for results in competitions. Yes, we have to take the exam. And oh yes, this is not an easy task 🙂 Technique, physical exercises, stamina, fights. After physical part and technique what takes quite long, 30-40 fights test has to be done (depends on which grade exam you take). All that takes almost all day. That’s hard, believe me 🙂 I found some videos from the exam I took 9 years ago for NiDan (2nd grade black belt). So few moments in one place, no music, real sound 🙂

Thanks Julius Bliudzius and Zilvinas Simoncikas whose videos I used 🙂

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