Keep my promises 🙂 Few days ago I came back from Barcelona. I was there with my mom and we had great time – lots of walking, talking. We have been in Barca many times so we didn’t have any “must do” or “must visit” places. We were just enjoying this great city.

In every city we always go to the food market. So every time one of our favourite places in Barcelona was Mercado de la Boqueria in famous La Rambla street. We were real tourists, drinking those “fresh” juice (I doubt every time about that “fresh” :), buying a piece of cheese and walking around. However, this time we change our “favourite market” place to a little smaller but very nice Mercat de Santa Caterina I loved it. Maybe just because I like food markets. But this was nice place for us.


We also love coffee and have a tradition to start a morning with a cup of espresso. And we lived in a place where we could reach a nice coffee place Tostaderos Bon Mercat very easily. We know this place for many years 🙂 Coffee is  not best of the best here, but it is ok. Location does it’s job too 🙂

My mom is not the one who eats a lot 🙂 This is the reason of her weight range between 50-52 kg 🙂 So we didn’t spend much time for eating, but found few nice take away places or the ones where you can take a short and fast snack 🙂

We really loved a place called The Pan’s Club.I recommend it for those who want something fast and tasty. For those who want something healthy too 🙂 They have nice salads, porridges, many different quiches. So when my mom saw their porridges, she was happy and when she tried her stomach was even happier :))

image image

Just next to this place is one more simple but so delicious place.. Tasty for those who like argentinian empanadas 🙂 you can find so many of them – with meet, fish, vegetarian, etc. We tried 🙂 and we liked..This is something you can’t eqt much, but to try is not forbidden 😉


I have to mention one more place. It is also take away, small, cozy, very very tasty italian food restaurant opened by real italians who worked in best restaurants in Dubai and managed them. Ye, they moved to Barca and opened a good food place here 🙂 Pasta, lasagne, pizzas, italian sweets ( Tiramisu!!! Those who love creamy Tiramisu must go there! :)) One more thing – owner and his wife are my good friends, so say HI from me when you go there! :))

image image image image

Wellll, there are so many nice and tasty places in Barca, we all know that.. Just few that I tried 🙂 Next time – others that I noticed 🙂



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