2010 (wow, time goes fast!!!) was amazing year for me. First time in my life I won European karate championship. What is more, that first time was so special because I managed to do impossible – became double European champion in weight category -55 kg and kata (technique). Made it possible 🙂

We came back home from Spain, I was already happy enough and ready to have some holidays, checked my e-mail and found invitation. That was invitation to take part in Lithuanian version of huge international project “Dance with the Stars”. Few calls and after some time of thinking (somehow I think too much sometimes I guess :)) I started dancing lessons and preparation for this amazing show.

How was it? Lots of trainings, dancing camps and starting from autumn – show on every Saturday evening. Dancing every day for almost 6 months. Searching for music, making choreography with professionals (usually I just said “ok” because it’s not my field at all :)), trainings. Every day around 5 hours for all this. Much. But this was so great!
Sports? If you want you can do many things at the same time 🙂 One saturday I asked to be the last (show was broadcasted live), because we had European U22 championship. I was lucky that it was organized in Vilnius that year.
I had quite busy day.. Silver medal in kata competition in the morning, gold medal in kumite -55kg at day time, then fast transfer to arena where the dancing show was already started. Make-up, dress and I was already dancing :)) Final of the day – Sayonara party of the European championship.
Who said that there’s no time for something or anything is impossible? 😉 Think again.

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