Rita Pivoriūnaitė

Those of us who are in karate world know that it is not just a sport. It’s the idea. That’s why I love it so much. While those who are not in karate very often have many ‘interesting’ stereotypes and ask many questions. Maybe someone will find some answers here. Or will check if some stereotypes are right 🙂 Enjoy!

Let me introduce myself – I am Rita Pivoriūnaitė / Lithuanian who is in love with Lithuania and lives in Switzerland / karateka who enjoys muay thai and boxing / 6 times European kyokushin (full-contact) karate champion / 3rd in World championship / master in banking and sports administration and technology 😉


Monika Ryžkovaitė

I’m Monika, lithuanian girl with an international mindset. Studies in Denmark, participation in various cultural projects, 10 years of experience in martial arts, working in many organizational spheres positively affected my personality and lifestyle.

Karate Kyokushin was the first step to a huge success in my life. Multiple Lithuanian champion. 3 times gold medal winner in Europe. But these titles will always stay as titles that required my ambition, motivation, dedication and hard-work. More importantly to mention is that karate trainings built a strong, self-confident and enthusiastic character.

Martial art trainings prepared myself to the biggest “ring” that is called LIFE. Now I can describe myself as open-minded, energetic, the one that always dreams big and seeks for the highest standards in personal growth. And yes, of course, no step without the sport and fitness. Recently I am working as a HIIT (high intensity interval training) coach at Muay-Thai & K1 gym. Therefore, healthy trends, active lifestyle, balanced and nutritious food, morning yoga with running and continuous self-development are an integral part of my life.


Skaistė Venckutė

Warrior girl – that’s how most of people describe me 🙂

What role  does karate play in my life?

Karate and life differ only from one aspect:  in karate, you thank people who have hit you :))

If being a bit more serious, karate to me is art of maintaining harmony within yourself when your body is physically and mentally ready to fight.

So, what do I do in life?

  • I’ve been practicing Karate Kyokushin for over 14 years
  • U-22 and Adults Kumite European Champion
  • Team LT/ Lightweight
  • Working as Karate Coach
  • Business Administration Student at LCC International University
  • Mottos of life: “Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph” and “Life is too short for being unhappy”
  • Interested in the Vedic philosophy
  • Girl Power
  • And a toootal sweets lover :))

It’s just a short glimpse on things I’m interested in. Hence, keep up with my new articles where I’m going to share more interesting facts and stories!




Aneta Meškauskienė

Hi, I am Aneta.
I am from Lithuania (born in Russia) and living in Ireland. I know .. it sounds complicated! Isn’t it?  🙂
I started my Karate journey being at age of 7 in Lithuania. From my very first training, I understood, that this is my favourite sport!
I love everything about it.
Now, after more than 20 years, I am still actively practising it.. Mostly in Ireland, but always in touch with my Lithuanian coaches and teammates.
Karate for me is more than a sport and I find it useful for many aspects in our day to day life..
I am not only an athlete, also, I am a wife and a mother. And my 2 sons practising karate too and while I am coaching them my goal is to explain them how this sport affected me and my life. How it teached me of discipline, respect and dedication and just imortant basics for my life.
When I am not training, fighting on the world arena or “parenting” I am working in Accenture (Google account) and managing team, which implementing YouTube adverts.


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