So firstly – happy New Year! All the best for everyone! Set new goals, reach them and most important – enjoy the process! πŸ™‚ My goals were set before the season started (at the end of summer). But in the mid of it I still can remember what interesting happened last year. Yeah, interesting, not official πŸ™‚ And for sure related with sports.
So let’s begin with something what my year started with – dolphins. TV project “Dolphins and Stars”. Is it related with sports? Ye, for sure, I competed there as a “karate girl”, as an athlete πŸ™‚ Best experience in my life, amazing emotions. Unreal 3 months πŸ™‚ Would be enough emotions for 5 years while had to deal with all of them in such short period πŸ™‚ How can I call this? WOW πŸ™‚

Just after this finished I had a flight to Tbilisi – European championship. 1 hour competition in kata and became a tourist πŸ™‚ And a part of audience too πŸ™‚ A part of big Lithuanian team in arena who had possibility to congratulate fighters for great victories πŸ™‚ And a tourist who enjoyed Tbilisi so sooo much! Who has never been there just buy a ticket tomorrow and visit this wonderful place! πŸ™‚
Next step? After the other European championship in Belgrad I got possibility to take a part in summer camp in Bulgaria, Kamchia. Huge event with 900 karatekas by the sea. This was so great too! Just in few weeks one more camp – our Lithuanian summer camp by Baltic sea. So good to be there or even visit everyone each year πŸ™‚
End of the summer – begining of new season, competitions, tournaments. Not necessary always to be on tatami πŸ™‚ British Open in Crawley was the first tournament this season I had possibility to visit. Well-known names, great fighters, interesting fights and first motivation to start the season in a hard way πŸ™‚
After – two busy weekends, both in Bulgaria πŸ™‚ European open weight category championship in Sofia and World Youth championship in Varna. A role of spectator in both of them. Despite many flights with many transfers to Bulgaria, then back to trainings to Lithuania and again the same route, loved these events so much! Because of great fights for sure, but I can’t say that meeting all karatekas was less important reason πŸ™‚ People around you is one of most important reasons why you are in one or the other field. These two weekends were amazing!
Anything else? Any more events or experiences in 2016? I cannot forget to mention all camps of national team, all action related with media, covers, advertising campaigns of Lithuanian active wear brand Audimas, spa, opportunity to be a host in Lithuanian kyokushin karate federation Awards..
Quite much of action related with sports.. And all these possibilities just because of kyokushin πŸ™‚

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